Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications by L. DeVere Burton

Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications

Book Title: Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1435419669

Author: L. DeVere Burton

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L. DeVere Burton with Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications

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Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications, 5th edition is an introductory applied science textbook intended for use in high school agriculture programs. The text provides a broad-spectrum overview of the agricultural industry and the industry-based sciences, including basic principles of science as they apply to plants, animals, soils and foods. Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications, 5th edition contents includes chapters that detail the information age, natural resources, integrated pest management, plant sciences (including botany, crops, & ornamentals), animal science, food science, and communication and management. Each chapter includes visual aids such as color photos, sketches, diagrams, and tables. Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications, 5th edition, also identifies chapter objectives, evaluation materials, suggested class activities, key terms, and internet key words to guide student's in-depth study.